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Seventeen tracks including music by Dj CUTMAN, Obelisk Device, and i3EDM.

Image from: http://pixgood.com/navi-legend-of-zelda.html

  • Zelda's House (Dj CUTMAN's Link Between Worlds Remix) by Dj CUTMAN
  • Kingdom of Hyrule (Zelda Remix) by i3EDM
  • Abandoned Theme (zelda remix) by the Obelisk Device
  • Hero Of Time by Hero of Time
  • Snipes by SNIPES
  • Legend Of Zelda (Remix) free download. by CRÏST Official
  • Outset Island (Remix) by DJ_Fortepiano
  • Zelda Dubstep: Ocarina of Time Ultra Deluxe Remix Edition +1 by Joeyverbeke.
  • "Zelda Ocarina of Time by Ocarina Remix
  • Gerudo Valley Remix by M4
  • Color Dungeon (Legend of Zelda Link's Awakening) by Dj CUTMAN
  • Link's awakening/sword search-JANSKI Beeeats remix by Zelda
  • Camel [Zelda and Downlink Mix] by Shop
  • Jo Remix) by Tal Tal Heights (dj
  • Fi's Theme (The TRIFORCE of BASS) by DJ Jo
  • Final Hours (ZMiX Remix) by Zelda: Majora's Mask
16 tracks
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