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Symphony of Legends


Although many bands may be outfitted with the subgenre of symphonic metal, only a few truly deliver technical rhapsodies of beautifully orchestrated masterpieces. It is refreshing to hear those who still adhere to the fundamental principles of music theory and orchestration in the world of metal. This is a selection of those who dare to compose the most outstanding choral and symphonic orchestrations in the realm of power metal. (11/22/2012 - added two bonus tracks)

10 tracks
6 comments on Symphony of Legends

and deathcore is very diffrent from symphonic metal and power metal, but thats ok. just as long as Nightwish, Blind Guardian and DragonForce (+ fairyland.... ive found out i like this stuff now) but all and all this mix tops evreything ive heard in my entire life.

no matter how many times i listen to this i just cant think that this is in any way not epic, but there was a few songs off pitch and one that was deathcore.

Been listening to epic mixes for a while, and this is the first one without the same old rehashed music. Finally spring truly different while still feeling epic. Thanks!