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Study On!


I know when I'm studying my biggest problem is trying to stay awake. Here is a mix of songs that aren't too distracting but can get your foot taping and keep your mind going.
Best of luck on exams!
p.s. not a quiet/calm mix

15 tracks
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O, Canada, what an interesting mix that allows me to get my work done. How is school up there anyway, I plan on studying abroad for one semester and Canada is on the list out of the many to choose from.

Haha ya I just through some songs I was in the mood for together while studying. That's so cool, I've always wanted to study abroad like that. Well I've never sat through any lectures at any other universities but at mine the class sizes are small enough for engineering, so you can get help easily from profs. Like anywhere I'm sure, how good a class is varies a lot depending on the prof. But I like it :)