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Anime Trash Remixed


when you need a way to incorporate anime trash into your life but in a less weeaboo way. you nerd.

(art not mine)

  • Shiki No Uta (Audiodoctor Hip Hop Remix) by Nujabes Minmi
  • Connect(nighot of drum'n'bass PandaBoY remix) by PandaBoY
  • [Bootleg]飛べない魔法使い(Soleily Remix) by Soleily
  • Ambivalent world(我那覇くんEDIT) by saibar-yakiniku
  • アクアテラリウム(VSIQ Boot House Remix) by 【demo】やなぎなぎ
  • Only my railgun(電磁core mix) by SHIRIA@
  • Orange Sunset House remix by murase_yuta
  • irony Sunset 2step remix by murase_yuta
  • コネクト(tamame's unclouded remix) by tamame
  • DOMINATOR [From ヲタCrossLine] by PSYCHO-PASS ED
  • (Kill La Kill Ending Theme) New World Symphony (Happy Remix Edition!) by Sayonara Ponytail
  • 寝・逃・げでリセット!(tamame's “Which Dreamed It” remix) by tamame
12 tracks
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