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True Love Will Find You In The End


I'm getting married in June and one of the biggest decisions (in my mind) is choosing the right song to be the first dance. My wonderful fiancee has agreed to let me pick because it's not as important to him (and because Bon Jovi and Barenaked Ladies are not really appropriate for the circumstances). So here's my shortlist in a playlist. Please feel free to leave comments with your opinion of which one I should pick. Includes some Beach Boys, Magnetic Fields, and John Lennon.

14 tracks
4 comments on True Love Will Find You In The End

first, congratulations on your wedding, wish u everlasting love :D

second, i know we are supposed to help you choosing a first dance song
but actually this playlist is sooooooooo good that it made me unable to choose

greaaaaat work

I like it Sam but my suggestion is you should really take a long time thinking about the perfect playlist i think, just to make sure. I do like the bands you have chosen already too :)