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...let's jam.

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Track 2 is one of my favorites omg!!!! I still have to watch baccano I've been wanting to watch is since 2010, but I always forgot to,,, for some reason. Also great mix!!! definitely one of my faves!!!!!!!!

@kpop&boba<3 hi! if your question is still relevant, then yes, Baccano does have a bit of jazzy music in the anime, however, I think there's more swing on the soundtrack than jazz. You can find the entire soundtrack on youtube, it's worth a spin if you like swing/jazz! BTW, I've watched Baccano twice, it's definitely one kind of an anime, but I loved it. You just need a bit more attention than usual to understand how all the plotlines are related.

This playlist is like a dream come true! I screamed a bit when I heard Guns and Roses, and only got more excited when I heard Kids on the Slope and All That Jazz ^^

i FREAKED when i saw this mix. i adore jazz and to see a mix with kids on the slope and baccano is so thrilling, my two favourite animes hoo boy, thanks so much for the stellar mix!!

nice mix, very glad to see godot's theme on here, the first thing i thought of when I saw the mix theme. good quality version, too. thanks for making it!

I adore this so much, what a fantastic collection! I am overly thrilled to hear something as amazing as this let alone the fact that someone else enjoys series like Sakamichi no Apollon & Baccano! Thank you so much! And if you personally made this, I am stunned even more <3