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Fairytales do exist. You just gotta believe in them.

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I really enjoy this mix, but I noticed some of the songs were jumpy, like how on cds they would skip if you had a scratch. Not sure if shockwave is failing and that's why or if it's my connection.

Great mix! Thank you for sharing! It helped me when I was trying to finish I play I was writing. I found lots of inspirations here! Thank again!

Love this mix, using it while trying to be productive and it's helpful. There seems to be a mistake though with the track 'Unhappy Endings', I'm pretty sure it's not that track.

Firstly: thank you very much for your kind words! About that song: it is very strange. I just checked online, and apparently it has something to do with a mixup with some songs on soundcloud. (see http://www.last.fm/group/8tracks.com/forum/134808/_/2209915) I'm going to send an email right away (I already tried to replace the song a couple of times with the true unhappy endings from my itunes, but it didn't work). I truly hope it can be fixed:). Thanks again!

This makes writing this paper so much easier. I don't know why. I'm writing about WWII female Soviet pilots and it just gives it an almost story-telling feel to what I'm doing. THANK YOU!