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Studying like a bitch


Have to study hard? This mix will help you. A lot of soundtracks, instrumental and an occasional song with voices. To me, it helped. A lot. I hope you enjoy this one! I tried to be a bit original.

34 tracks
7 comments on Studying like a bitch

This is possibly the best study mix I've come across - and, being in my last week of exams, I've listened to plenty! Presenting me with new music I'd never heard of and immediately loved while also making me smile with my old favorites such as Salut D'amour. Concentration is at an all time high! Thank you so much :)

This has to be the best study mix I've come across. I've been trying to find a really good one with no vocals but isn't filled with nothing but classical, either. And this is perfect. I'm in love with every single track.