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SPOOKED: A Theo Clayton Mystery Novel


"SPOOKED: A Theo Clayton Mystery Novel"

For Amber.

Compiled to inspire the creation of a wonderful twist in the literary genre of mystery, this playlist creates the perfect ambiance for all your enigmatic writerly needs.

Inspired by the in-progress novel of the same title.

Now, get to writing!

13 tracks
5 comments on SPOOKED: A Theo Clayton Mystery Novel

Gosh I forgot how creepy this playlist really is. I may be a little scared now. xD I also really need to write.

I cannot even begin to express how flawless this is. You are the Queen of instrumental tracks. I might actually hate you if I didn't love you so much because I want to not start writing in something else-now I probably won't be able to help myself! i'm so beyond inspired right now. Hitting repeat on the mix as we speak.

@girlbet I take that hatred with love. ;) If there's one thing I have a good amount of pride in, it's my ever growing collection of instrumentals. Some people just don't understand why some of these tracks are my ideal driving music, but you do, and that's why I freaking LOVE YOU! Plus, all I want to do is help inspire you to write. Doesn't matter what story it is. ;)

@girlbet That one gets me every freaking time... The Dark Scary Suspense Music Track by Peder B. also gets me. It's so creepy and eerily pretty at times I just... GAH! I just love it!! I also love how so many people just don't understand how artists and writers like us find such beauty in the grotesque and macabre. xD

@girlbet PS I also realize there are pieces in the Tears of Steal track that don't necessarily fit into this particular story, like the dialogue (hahaha it made me laugh xD) but all those sounds and the music just got me so riled up I was like, "YES! ADD IT!"

@EphemeralReflection Yes, I loved the dark scary suspense a lot too!!!! And I like the variety and almost texture the voices give the track, so it's all good with me.

@girlbet YES! YES! I just HAD to! There was time when I'd listen to this particular piece when I needed to calm down, but I loved how pretty piano music like that can make a creepy setting even creepier! I really want to learn how to play this piece on the piano now. ;) And, of course, Adrian's love for Beethoven made this decision that much better, hehehe.

@girlbet Ahh! Yay, I'm so glad you love it! To be honest, I made three different covers because I couldn't figure out which one I liked best! At first I wanted to email you them all to see which one you liked the best, but I wanted to keep it a surprise! When I was making this one, the word "SPOOKED" got cut like that by accident, but I totally fell in love with it. ;)