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Strung (score)


Another writing playlist in honor of yet another novel-in-progress. With harmonious violin strings woven into whimsical fantasy, and some suspense thrown in for good measure.


19 tracks
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The mood you can create with music is stunning, Lauren. You really should make a career out of apply music to movies because you would be so good at it.

@girlbet Oh my goodness, thank you so much! Like... this made me so happy!! I just love instrumental scores so much, and the way they bland into each other and set tone and everything. I get this idea for a certain "feel" for my book ideas, as well as other people's books ideas, haha, and then when I'm looking for music I can't add a track that doesn't fit the feel perfectly. It's really hard to explain but I think you know exactly what I'm talking about x)))

No not a Lindsey Stirling My Immortal remix thingie. No my heart cannot handle it. It is going to break under the weight of this stunning music. Lauren, no, it's too beautiful to be real.

@girlbet MY. THOUGHTS. EXACTLY. Lindsey Stirling = LIFE. I'm always the happiest person in the world when I introduce her music to another one of my friends and they LOVE HER! :D

I've listened to three tracks and I'm so in love with them all. The trainsition to the speed of the third track is amazing.

@girlbet A lot of time and patience... at two in the morning xD Honestly I think it's the cover I'm most proud of so far in all my years of making covers for the fun of it. I think this one is my pride and joy xD