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The Hallowell Agency (Score)


From fast-paced action and building suspense to melancholy musings and slowly creeping mystery, "The Hallowell Agency (Score)" is a playlist inspired by my in-progress novel of the same title and designed to get the writer's fingers itching to reach for a pen. :)

Now, get to writing!

17 tracks
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I'm listening to The Portal right now and it makes me sad in such a good way. I think of Bailix for reason.

Muttations might give me nightmares. Yikes. I cannot begin to express my love for this playlist. It's flawless!

@girlbet I remember when I went to see The Hunger Games in the movie theater, I got a migraine like halfway through the film, but I thought I could handle it until I got to THIS part where this music plays and I was just sitting there like, "WHY ISN'T THIS MOVIE OVER??" xD But after buying the film score I learned to appreciate the track more ;)

LEGEND OF KORRA! I will march through the school halls with this on repeat and will forever be unstoppable!!!!!!!

@girlbet YAAASSS!!! Freaking love that show... as well as Avatar: The Last Air Bender. I've never sat down and made it a project to watch both series in order from start to finish though, and I really need to. xD

Lauren, what you have accomplished with this playlist is phenomenal. I'm feeling so many emotions, seeing so many things. Each track is powerful and meaningful. I never knew whether I was going to be sad or happy or energized. Everything is just extremely powerful and it flows together so well. Guhhh. I will never recover from how perfect this is. Your knowledge of excellent instrumentals is out of this world-you should be a professional at picking movie soundtracks!

@girlbet If I knew enough about composing music aside from my still quite novice library of piano knowledge, I would totally try my hand at composing. I mean, who knows? Maybe that'll be something I work on later in life. ;) I'm just so happy you love this playlist because there were so many other tracks I wanted to add but couldn't due to 8tracks' limitations, so I might actually take the tracks I couldn't use in this playlist and create another playlist for book 2! I mean, you know how if film series and tv series they use the same music at different times? This'll just be like that. :)) A lot of this is literally the music I listen to while writing! I listen to this stuff on a daily basis. xD I'm just so thrilled to share it!

@EphemeralReflection I'm thrilled you can share it too because it is EPIC. And I will listen to every playlist you create. Repeatedly. As a matter of fact, my mom and I are reading right now and I'm playing it for us. ;)

Um. I basically dead inside because of Rue's farewell. It has me imagining Bailey and Jonah and everyone else walking away from Dunsten's headquarters-bloodied and fatigued- after losing Edward and my brain can't handle this kind of imagery!