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Sequel to "The Hallowell Agency (Score)," this playlist is filled to the brim with instrumental tracks designed to inspire writers specializing in the action, suspense, romance, melancholy, and mystery genres. Basically, that means this playlist is a plethora of instrumental variety.

For continuity's sake, I just had to use the first and last tracks of the other playlist in this one as well.

Created on behalf of my in-progress novel of the same name. :)


13 tracks
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@thatana Do you have a wattpad account??? Hahaha you may not even know what that is... Anyway, it's a writing community, and if you don't have an account that's totally fine, but here! I can send you a link to what I have of the newest draft of book one! You know, if you'd like to check it out :))) :D http://www.wattpad.com/story/27284601-the-hallowell-agency

You've done it again-created a master playlist that I will always repeat. Guhhh! These instrumentals are awe inspiring. And they provoke so many emotions, especially while I'm reading. I don't think I will ever again be able to read Hallowell properly unless I have a playlist playing in the background.

@girlbet Nngghhh, thank you so much! Compiling the last installation of this instrumental series is on my agenda for this evening. ;) I already have the cover made and everything. *quiet maniacal laughter* I don't think I'm ever going to be able to WRITE Hallowell without constantly listening to these playlists now! You're right, by the way. After making these playlists, writing Hallowell has once again been bumped up to the top of my priorities list! Oh and PS: The track I titled "Audrey's Song" (its actual title is "Kate") is the first full (more advanced) song I've learned on the piano! I actually managed to use both the sheet music and ear to learn it! It's just... very pretty and yet sad sounding at the same time and gahh. I feel powerful playing it xD

Yay! New playlist for me and I'm so happyyyy! *Does weird dances* Good grief you almost have to be writing Hallowell after making all these.