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The final installment of the "Hallowell" series playlist collection. From music ranging from fast paced suspense to pensive melancholia, this instrumental playlist is designed to inspire writers to do what they do best: write!

Influenced my my in-progress book series of the same titles.

Thanks for listening!

15 tracks
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Ah, man, so it's nearing the end of Camp NaNo for me and I stumbled on this playlist. It's great for writing, and immensely helpful. My novel-in-progress thanks you.

@Geistzone Wow, I can't believe I'm replying so late! Your novel-in-progress is probably a huge gem, so I'm so happy to hear that it appreciates this playlist! This is exactly why I make these things! Keep writing! :D

Vampires and Werewolves is the most epic blend of music I have ever heard in just one track. There are so many beautiful variations in it.

@girlbet YESSSS!!! It's probably my favorite track of them all... especially with all the scenes floating around in my head that match the track to the T. It's crazy o.0

@girlbet Honestly I had no idea where I'd heard it from at first too, and then it dawned on me that it might have been in one of the Hunger Games trailers? It's in a trailer, I'm fairly certain xD