13 comments on songs by bands I bet you don't listen to (but you should) by ephydria

youre right...ive never heard of these bands....but they arent bad...requires a special taste in music but i like it :-}

holyshittt i've been having "think i want to die" stuck in my head and had to play it once every other hour today. and then it shows up on your playlistttt, sickkkkkkk.
I think we should get married or something.

I get that song stuck in my head SO GODDAMN MUCH. I'm probably seeing them live in a couple of months, omg. ANYWAY as I am already incredibly happily taken, will being super best friends for life suffice BECAUSE WE CAN DO THAT. I have a SSLYBY poster. It's the best life.

And thanks for checking out the mix :)

I figured someone would point something on here out somewhere along the line. This playlist was originally made for an ex-boyfriend of mine -- who didn't listen to CCR, or presumably most of the bands on this playlist. Of course, he never listened to this, but I left it up anyway and other people seem to like it. So.

just found squirrel nut zippers about 3 weeks ago and haven`t been able to listen to anything ever since, this is looking to be a very interesting mix.

Awesome, awesome, awesome mix. This mix alone has allowed me to maintain an iota of sanity on the last day of work before the holiday break. Many thanks!