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Requiem for lost treasures


Loved and now lost forgotten treasures...a requiem for bands from the post classic Gaze era and recent past that deserved to be heard and deserved more support...

81 tracks
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Thanks for creating this. I just found out that Vertigo is gone. I'm kicking myself for not having a list of the songs I listened to there for years..but I'm so glad you do

@noie Hey...thanks for the comment...yes, I'm very sad about Vertigo being gone now, however my friend "GroovyJim" who programmed Vertigo just hadn't been updating the station over the past few years as much unfortunately, but his picks for Vertigo were always wonderful and as I said I owe him a huge debt of gratitude for turning me on to so many great and mostly now forgotten and unappreciated bands.. mostly listening to DKFM now but Vertigo will always be dear to me.....