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you should look up mixes/songs/the%20band" title="Search for mixes with the band">the band called "radio moscow" youd like them. alot.

dbswift, thank you so much! (When I heard dbswift's mix-1-guitar-heavy" rel="external">http://8tracks.com/dbswift/hippie-mix-1-guitar-heavy, I commented, "I think I found my musical soul mate. ;) ") Thank you for the Miles tip - been looking for more of his fusion or funk stuff. Listening to http://youtu.be/DEBKksupBVA Great stuff! I'm on to part 3 now - all good! Hey, keep in touch. If you're online somewhere else please let me know. eric at soulwindows dot com

eporcher, your knowledge of music is profound. Thanks for sharing it with us. So far I've dug 3 of your 6 sets, and will move directly to the other 3. Can't say enough about the selections in this Classic Rock plus mix. I was delighted from the start, then stunned when Spanish Keys came on...YEAH! (Check out "Right Off" in Miles' "A Tribute to Jack Johnson" (which followed Bitches Brew).) Now, back to listening to what eporcher's put down!

Lethal_Hobo: Glad to hear it! Thanks. As for the snakes, it might be time for me to look for something a little more 'essential' from Zappa. ;) Btw, I like your quote on your profile: Knowledge is knowing a tomato is a fruit; Wisdom is not putting it in a fruit salad.

Excellent mix. I have listened to it several times now and I have enjoyed every second if it, except baby snakes =P I cant STAND that song!