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Great to hear mixes/songs/Peter%20Frampton" title="Search for mixes with Peter Frampton">Peter Frampton - "Do you feel like I do" again after a loooooooooooong time

This is the first mix I listened to and its great. I love Classic Rock and you've chosen some real greats. I also like the other tracks, it max your mix a bit eclectic and definitely interesting.

Thanks for your comments. I'm enjoying exploring here (many years later) some of what was going on just outside the classic rock box that I was listening to back then. It turns out that just down the road from mixes/songs/The%20Rolling%20Stones" title="Search for mixes with The Rolling Stones">The Rolling Stones, mixes/songs/Cream" title="Search for mixes with Cream">Cream, Jimi Hendrix and mixes/songs/Led%20Zeppelin" title="Search for mixes with Led Zeppelin">Led Zeppelin, was mixes/songs/Muddy%20Waters" title="Search for mixes with Muddy Waters">Muddy Waters; and not too far from him was mixes/songs/Miles%20Davis" title="Search for mixes with Miles Davis">Miles Davis, and even James Brown. (Yes, mixes/songs/Michael%20Jackson" title="Search for mixes with Michael Jackson">Michael Jackson is a stretch.) As much as I love to hear these rock classics, I enjoy also venturing out a bit in time and musical space. Having said all that, maybe if I work on another playlist or two here, this one might become a bit more focused. Glad to hear you're enjoying something here. It's a great facility, isn't it? I hope it lasts.


very nice, good variety of good rock, dont know about james brown in this type of mix but very nice anyway, never heard boody oil or its creators but i liked it