on October 03, 2017

We’re declaring a new national observance!

Henceforth, October shall be known—on 8tracks at least, if nowhere else—as Halloween Music Appreciation Month. And to be frank, we’re utterly dismayed this hasn’t happened already.

Halloween holds a special place on the calendar, but it’s rarely given its proper due as a holiday. No time off from work, school, etc. (even Thanksgiving gets a long weekend!) or any dedicated “season” to speak of. We all know that, come November 1, the only way we'll be able to escape the maddening repetition of Christmas music will be to hide under a rock for 2 straight months. So, let's make the most of this brief window we've got!

We’ll take it easy on you this week and ramp up as we get closer to the big day. How about a nice collection of family-friendly Halloween tunes to get things kicked off? No tricks, all treats. Enjoy!