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let me do this for you


that devotion is going to destroy you

the mix gradually goes from more traditional music for when rose was still alive to more contemporary music for pearl struggling without rose

(not a shipping mix)

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Wow, what a great mix! "I Was Born for This", "Girl in the War", and "Compass" were particularly striking. (Technical note - when I started the mix, the contemporary and traditional music were mixed up and followed no particular order ,although it did end in "Do it For Her/Him".)

I was so surprised to hear "I Was Born for This"!! Journey is such an amazing game and this song was great for this mix, A+++ job

I don't usually stick out softer playlists but I very much enjoyed this one. Hearing 'do it for her/him' at the end was like a shot through the heart! Wonderful choice of cover art. It fits the mix not only in subject but in emotion/tone. Well done!