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they radiate like stars

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commenting on this is kind of hard for me to do but gosh I really just need to so badly! I really love this mix, which was actually surprising for me because honestly i wasnt expecting to. I don't want to sound too harsh so please pardon the way this comes out but there are some small things about the mix overall that i feel as though i should have issues with (ie multiple songs by the same artist, particular usage of Too-well-known songs, etc). However, nothing i found fault with actually bugs me like it usually does with other mixes, because the flow and mood of your playlist is just superb. I can really tell you feel a lot for the pairing because it's as if your love for jean and marco is seeping out in between the lyrics like strawberry syrup. i can feel your passion in it and it's odd but really, really great. The transitioning between the tracks is really good and the mood is sort of out there but in a way that i just love! All the songs fit together lyrically too and its just. Really something.

Great job with this mix, it made me really calm and happy listening to it! :0

oh gosh wow thank you, i have no words to describe what a comment like this means to me since i'm still new at making tracks. so really thank you so much!