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The Trackside Tavern


You're in the back of some sleazy bar. A man and his guitar occupy the dimly lit stage. Smoke cruises across your face. You don't know how you got here. At this moment nothing else matters.

12 tracks
5 comments on The Trackside Tavern

Haha I'd support her either way. However, I die a little inside when a natural redhead dyes her hair some other color.

cool cool.
the 3 word titles blew right past me though, lol.
i'll be checking out some more of your mixes....
So....would you be in heaven if Marissa Tomei dyed her hair red? jk

Deliberate theme! (As well as the 3 word titles.) Anyway, I'm glad you're liking my stuff. I've been thinking about another blues mix...

....just realized all your mixes' art work are in black & white! lol

deliberate theme? or does your taste tend toward the classic contrast?

just my mind wandering, as i dig on these blues. ^:^

you DO experience color elsewhere, yes? :)