Is this playlist safe for work?

music on my mind.

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well since i'm swamped with work for finals, and my complete lack of motivation due to 12 degree weather in dayton ohio...i just threw together 8 shuffled songs, lets not be too critical :P

Thanks so much! I love it when I open my email and I get something like this! You also win at life for letting me know that I win at life. :] Now go make a mix so I can listen. We're brain/music twins so I know I'll love whatever you throw down.:]

this is the most epic playlist ever. i stumbled this and had to sign up for 8tracks just so i could let you, a person i don't even know, be graced with the knowledge you win at life and has the exact same likes in music as i. you are a major success and i bow to your superior musical talent.