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now i feel remorse.


Its been a month. Have you forgotten about me? Was it that easy to walk away from all we had? Did two fucking years mean nothing to you? I know I fucked up, but you're acting like nothing ever happened! Is that what it was to you; nothing?! You were my everything. Every damn thought I had revolved around you, every breath I took, every single little thing. For fucks sake you still are my everything and that'll never change.

  • Who Am I To Stand in Your Way by Who Am I To Stand In Your Way
  • Even If by Lewis Watson
  • Amnesia 5SOS by celia.rose
  • All I Wanted (Acoustic) by YelyahWilliams
  • The Only Reason by musxcalparadise
  • Habits by Tove Lo
  • By Now by Marianas Trench
  • Between You and I by Every Avenue
  • I'm Lost Without You by Blink-182
9 tracks