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لمسات شرقية

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Sixteen tracks including music by 3amrouch, Amr Essam, and Bassant Elsawy.

  • اهواك by Fayrouz
  • ريتا والبندقيه by made in syria
  • فن الإنتظار by Mahran.Ghassan
  • Le Trio jobran by Shajan
  • Ayteet by May Nasr
  • Arabian Night by Xpressive One
  • Addeysh kan fi nass by Various Artists
  • على موج البحر by Lena Chamamyan - لينا شماميان
  • ريم بنا oh night by يا ليل ما اطولك
  • ريم بنا by Rim banna ahky llalam احكى للعالم
10 tracks
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