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3 comments on Fallen

Great mix and especially a great kick-off! :) My Blood Red Road fanmix starts off with the exact same song! Funny because I tend to recommend both books at the same time these days.

Thank you, glad you liked it! It's a very dystopian feeling song, if that makes sense? And I have never heard of that book but reading the summary, I am definitely adding it to my to read list :)

It absolutely makes sense! I first heard it as background music of a trailer for the Run For Your Lives zombie run, actually! :)

I do hope you give BRR a try, it's a fantastic book (once you get over the particular writing style, it sucks you right in), and it has all the elements I adored in Angelfall (genuinely strong and kickass heroine, an epic quest for a family member, adventures and action in a postapocalyptic setting, laugh-out-loud funny moments of dry humor, non-insta-love that's not the focus of the story, and basically atmosphere and all kinds of emotion) while having a completely different plot! :)