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Junior High's Greatest Hits


A SEVERELY under-represented selection of some of the music I was skating/goofing around to in San Diego '87 - '89.
Pic is me and friends circa '88.

19 tracks
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Good idea. Makes me think of late night at Tourmaline in PB. Severe? --You had to stay up late to hear a DJ play almost any of these on 91X. Tower on Sports Arena was one of the few places to find it on record or CD, and you could even order it there from the Schwann guide if they were "out", haha. So...I'm thinking you guys must of had an edgy local record shop!

Well! Seems you're from SD? There was a show on 91X after 11pm on Sunday nights called "Listen To This" that I got a lot of musical tips from. There was also Licorice Pizza, AC&S Records, and a small record shop in the strip mall by my house in Chula Vista, not to mention Off The Record in Hillcrest, AND Blue Meanie. Thrasher magazine always had the best punk and skate rock reviews, and I contacted a lot of distro's for their mail-away catalogues in those days. Back when you had to WORK to find music. Those were the days...

Good memories, thanks! I think your early dedication explains A LOT. :-) I've moved around constantly, but I was there at that time, for sure. Never been to AC&S, but all the rest , plus the swap meet (haha)....I was visiting Carlsbad recently, where I found Spin Records. It's got the good feel. Check it out if you're ever driving California Hwy 101--it just might be SD's best record store right now (if it's still open)...Stay gold.