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Spitting into the Memory Well.


More high school tunes. This is what was called EMO before that term got hijacked by pseudo punk peacocks with shit haircuts singing for 12 year old girls. Lot's of Dischord, lot's of Gravity, lot's of southern California. Lot's of memories.
(A lot of this music is labeled incorrectly date-wise. Everything is pre-'93, but I'm subjected to finding a lot of this online because I can't burn vinyl, and most of these records have been re-released for digital sales)
Also, here's a typical show, in a garage. I'm actually sitting on top of a washing machine in a white shirt to the side of the band.
Cover pic is me and Damon Bell circa 1990, Bonita Vista High School, Chula Visa CA.

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Thank you! I have been on a big emo pop punk early 90s kick lately and have not heard these songs. I will check out the video too

Really good stuff! and yeah, very LA to San Diego. That show must have been great too. Looking at that garage, considering the date and music, and if I took a wild guess-- I would say that's Bonita or off H St. if that were enough to go on, haha!

Yeah, the Delmar garage. It was in Southbay for sure, but I can't remember where exactly. I saw a lot of shows there. Amenity, Shelter, Slapshot (I think), lot's of great music.

It's a virtual certainty we've crossed paths, I know your stomping grounds well. Let's get a Roberto's especial sometime -- I'll drive a Camaro with an 8-track player* down 3rd Ave.

Oh, wayyy before your time, as in 1984. But I was all around east CV into the early 90's... I've never had the good fortune to stay in Richmond though; the closest I've hung out to Richmond was Quantico--not as pretty, I'd say! Mystery how you ended up in the post-antebellum confederacy! (Ah, memories.)