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Baroque and Earlier Vol. 1


First part of this comprehensive compilation of pieces in various versions from the Baroque period and earlier, including Bach, Vivaldi, Telemann, Handel and many more. You can't miss it !!!

359 tracks
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I'm glad you enjoy this playlist. You may also like some of my other playlists: My Favourite Classical Pieces, Most Baroque, Only Baroque or the second part of this playlist (Baroque and Earlier Vol. 2). As regards the painting I'm afraid I can't be of much help. I liked it, grabbed it from internet and used it. Some research I've done to find out tittle and painter have been unssuccesul. Regards.

@esabceib I was curious, so I did a reverse image search on the painting and didn't have much luck either. It seems like this painting only appears when you search "baroque music". Anyways, I researched some artists who were active during the Baroque period and found a few paintings which were similar in style (I think, I'm no expert at this) to the cover image you used. I came up with Johann Zoffany, John Valentine Haidt, and Henry Benbridge. They are all the artists who created pieces seemingly similar in style to this one.