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cultural cannibalism


Songs to get your hips moving and hands up in the air. Mix features a pretty ecclectic mix of artists, including Buraka Som Sistema, ATCR, Major Lazer...
Cross cutting genres including, moombahton, dubstep, kuduro, reggae fusion, electrocumbé, electronic dance, pow-wow step

12 tracks
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hey, you know how you said that you couldn't wait to see what ATCR came out with next- i'm sure you already know, but they've released a new EP and it's free download on soundcloud. ;)

Heyo! Thanks for the heads up! I was definitely keeping tabs on their FB feed and blog to see if any new material came out! They played such a sick show this past Saturday in Ottawa with some guest performers in solidarity with the Idle No More movement... you should check out my latest mix.. and/or look up Wab Kinew/Lorenzo. Some dandy stuff!

I met A Tribe Called Red last week. they're so lovely, this mix is just so great!
thanks for putting together such an awesome collection. :)
I worship it simply because you open with two ATCR songs. ;)
gonna send it to my friends.

Heya, thanks! So glad you enjoyed it! They are an unreal bunch of guys eh?Wild times are always had when they're in town! Can't wait to see what they release next.