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Best Anime Openings & Endings


There are certain songs from openings and endings that are recorded in our hearts after watched one particular anime. This is my collection of what I think are the best (from those I watched lately).

Enjoy :).

Anime Ops&Eds that will appear:
* Clannad [5 songs].
* Claymore [2].
* Code G€ass [8].
* Death Not€ [2].
* Eden of the East [1].
* Ergo Proxy [1].
* FMA Brotherhood [7].
* Steins; Gate [2].
* Soul Eater [5].

Feel free to share your opinion :). Extra: Eva 2.0 ;).

GOLD! Thank you all :3.

31 tracks
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@kazuto-k-107310 It seems that my previous comment went off really bad. Anyways, you should check my other playlists too :). Sadly, 8tracks took down most of my songs because it had a change on its License Terms. I am honestly kind of tired of fighting again 8tracks copyright claims, so I stopped making anime playlists here. Have a nice day :D

@escudero89 it's ok, the same thing happen to me, I'm tired of getting copyrights too( mostly from sound cloud) but i understand don't worry. you too :3