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you outshine the moon & the stars.


- you could have whoever you want, so thanks for making me your number one

hello, hello. issa me, kwon yuhk! your favorite person! you know, every now and then i still listen to the playlist you've made for me as a christmas present. it's fucking precious and it's one of my favorite things in life so i figured that it's my turn to make you something in return. these are all the songs that remind me of you. right as im finalizing this mixtape, you talk about making me a new one and i winced internally but you won't know until you finally read this hah... ha... you lame.

so, happy birthday. i really love you. like.. a lot man #nohomo... haha who am i kidding. all the fuckin' homo. i do hope you enjoy this little thing though. the songs are chill as fuck but the last song is the best.

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