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[Drawing Tunes] Slow Jams Vol 1


Slower jams with (mostly) little to no lyrics.

Mostly electronic with a few other things thrown in for good measure.

  • Chinese Live In Caves by Kimekai
  • Le Loyon by Kimekai
  • So Long, Lonesome by Explosions in the Sky
  • Greatest Change (The Legend of Korra) by Jeremy Zuckerman
  • Outro by M83
  • The Way Home (Magic Sword) by Hotline Miami 2
  • In The Face Of Evil by Hotline Miami 2- Wrong Number Soundtrack
  • Archive Collapse Collide by AFanchy
  • Mine, Windbag, Mine by Bastion Original Soundtrack
  • We All Become by Transistor
  • Gold Leaf by Darren Korb
  • Neon Mines by Module
  • Frozen Synapse OST by nervous_testpilot
  • Frozen Synapse OST by nervous_testpilot
14 tracks
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