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Music as soft as ice cream. Listen through headphones and/or earphones if you can.
Updated whenever I find songs which fit the five tags. Now with over 20+ songs.

28 tracks
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Loved this mix - I'm on the Braid track now. Fantastic game, too. Have you tried Bastion at all (I can't remember if you had a Bastion track or if it was on another playlist)?

Yep I've played Bastion, and it's a great game :) it's been a long time since I've updated this playlist, will get on it asap... I loved the ending credits song when they merge Zia and Zulf's theme :)

Just used your mix for a massage session. My client calmed down instantly and I could work perfectly. Thank you - it is not the last time I'm using it.

Thank you! :) I would kill for a massage about now actually haha. I'm glad to hear the you enjoy the mix! Stay tuned for more songs being added.

What a lovely mix, I can tell how much thought you put into it and it pays off to make a really beautiful experience. I understand what you mean about hearing colours in music, I often feel this too, and I liked reading your commentaries and comparing them to my own impressions. Thank you!

Thanks for your lovely comment :) do you see colours when you hear music? Do you have synesthesia? I haven't really seen people with them, so I'm curious!

I've never really officially thought about whether I am synaesthetic or not but I guess I am; I 'feel' colours in music and I also associate very strongly thoughts/memories/dreams with colours and patterns. I think I am generally very 'visual' with music anyway because I always associate music with a story, or an image, I rarely just listen to music without something specific automatically coming to mind (a grey sky, the vividness of red, the texture of wool, or a full storyline in pictures... etc etc). So anyway this mix was very enjoyable to compare your interpretations with the way I feel/see/experience the music!