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boiled frogs


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I only make playlists for fanfics lately...
This one i have been reading for a while now. It's the most beautiful MatsuHana fic I ever read and I die with every chapter. It's called boiled frogs and it's a fanfiction with an absolutely serious issue that happens to a lot of people. It's full of angst and if you like that, here you go!

I went full hipster on this cover, idk why.. oh and do you see those dicks? Amazing aren't they?

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blesssssss this playlist! it goes so well with Boiled Frogs I can't even. great job omg, it rips my heart apart and puts it back together and thats all i can ask for! perfection

This playlist is what piqued my interest in Boiled Frogs in the first play, and listening to it again after reading it just tears my heart apart, honestly.

@Creampuff Makki I tried to post a reply with my phone but it didn't work SO I went to get my laptop to reply! LOOK AT THE DEDICATION! OKay first of all I LOVE YOUR 8TRACKS NAME WHAT EVEN IS THIS IT'S SO CUTE???!!? Second... I YELLED SO HARD AT YOUR COMMENT???? IT MADE ME SO HAPPY THAT I TEXTED V (THE BF AUTHOR) AND THEN WE YELLED TOGETHER!!! Thanks for making my day.