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Heavy Hearts and Hopeless Dreams


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Since I am so in love with the fanfic 'I Will Follow You Into The Dark' only one playlist was just not enough. This time I got help from the lovely Britnie (, I kinda dragged her into this and now we are partners in crime. I will annotate some of the songs, so that you know why we chose them.
The cover shows from left to right: Tsukki, Kyoutani, Kenma and Oikawa.
You can read the fanfiction here
but you should read the warnings before, because I didn't and now I am in too deep, to back out again.
Thanks for the help Britnie!

11 tracks
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I LOVE YOUR PLAYLISTS SO MUCH I LOVE THE COVERS YOU USE;; i was really reluctant to read the fic before but i will now!!

@atelier aaaah thank you so much!! But you should definitely read the warnings first because I didn't and now I am suffering!! I make the covers myself so IT MEANS SO MUCH TO ME! thanks so much for listening to this playlist and taking the time to make me happy! ❤