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Super Soldiers and Broken Souls


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I am reading this amazing fanfic by shions_heart and WordsandJank called "I Will Follow You Into the Dark" and I couldn't help but make an 8tracks playlist for it. The 4 guys on the title (from left to right) are Kuroo, Bokuto, Akaashi and Iwaizumi. If you love Haikyuu!!, Evangelion, Pacific Rim and Attack on Titan, you should go read it now!! Even if u don't like Evangelion etc. I think u should read it, because I for example only like Haikyuu!! and Evangelion and I still love this fic so much.

10 tracks
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These songs make a wonderful mix. It makes me want to read this story and see what it's about! I LOVE the album art!! Is that available somewhere as a wallpaper? *w*

@pendragons If you tell me which phone you are using i can make a custom size for yours or if you need it as a wallpaper for your computer, i can do that too! The fic is not finished yet but you should definitely read it, it's worth it. here is the art with the tracklist if that should be enough already