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What the water gave me | Gruvia ♥


"While you were sleeping I figured out everything: I was constructed for you, and you were molded for me..."

From enemies to friends and from friends to lovers.
A Gruvia tracklist in chronological order (possibly AU in the end — if Mashima try to troll us) ♥

18 tracks
3 comments on What the water gave me | Gruvia ♥

i think Gray is a real softy deep inside and if he had a playlist for Juvia, i think this would be it. ;) then i imagine him listening to it when nobody's around. hahaha! thanks for putting this together. :)

@wilathewitch Thank you so much! It means a lot to me ♥ (and I have to agree with you, I'm sure Gray is a lovely guy when nobody's around xD)

This is such a perfect mix, with all the water themed songs and some sad songs mixed in, it's very well aligned with the events of the manga and the feels. Thank you for making such a great mix.