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if you were the wounded, I'd be your pain


It is 800 000 words later. Am I sobbing? Probably. But, more importantly, do I still ship Augwyn? Yes. And, most amazingly, they finally ship themselves.
So here's to the undying love and cuteness of Augus Each Uisge and Gwyn ap Nudd and here's to getting ridiculously invested in fictional smutty ships.
The POV of the songs change with each song, starting with Gwyn's POV, then Augus, then Gwyn and so on.

Disclaimer: There is no sad here. If you're looking for sad, go listen to my other mixes, or, I dunno, read the book.
Art: I can't find the original author, since their blog on tumblr is deleted or moved, but it was on Pia's official blog. If anyone can enlighten me on the author, please do.

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