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4 comments on Plocrates

This really made my day, it's my new favorite playlist. I mean, crack philosophy? Plato and Socrates? Hell, yeah.

@haxnibal Hihi, thanks. ^^ I'm starting to feel like I'm collecting an army of really cool people (because how else would you describe someone who searches for "philosophy" and "crack"?) via this playlist. :D Also, I'm gonna make a thrilling sequel in about two months when I finish my next semester, so stay tuned. ;)

so im pretty sure you are me in an alternate world bc i thought i was weird for searching 8tracks for #crack #philosophy but here we are

@molly15243 I am a strong believer in crack making almost anything better. :D So, hello, fellow cool person from an alternate world!

this is the weirdest mix I've ever listened to. I study philosophy and I came here for something slightly different but this is amazing. thank you

@rainbowyoda Thanks! This was me right after the exam wanting to channel my philosophy feelings into pure crack, and this is it. Also, hi, cool person who studies philosophy. If you want a non-crack one, I have "stoa" as well.