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We're Rock Bottom And Digging Deeper Into Madness


Stiles is broken, broken and untrusting and yet still utterly, unwaveringly devoted to Lydia. Lydia can't help but want to help him burn the world down.

(there is a story behind this but 8tracks said it was too long. Leave a comment if it doesn't make sense without an explanation.)

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haha ok fair warning it got really elaborate somewhere along the line - so, something happens to Stiles, he gets taken (we're using the alpha pack in this scenario) and it's something the pack could have prevented, but they don't find him until after they've had him for *days* and when they finally get him back he won't talk to them. He won't even let anyone near him except Lydia, because at least Lydia has always been honest about the way she thinks of him.

He's just numb now, the pack aren't taking any steps to get back at the alphas for what they did for him, and one day he just starts rambling to Lydia about it, about how she's the only thing that makes me feel alive anymore. Lydia is...not the same girl she was before Peter took her over and used her, and no one gets it. Except Stiles. Stiles who is more broken than she is now. So when he decides to go on the warpath, she's right there with him.

It's *glorious*. They manage to take out three of the alpha pack between them before anyone notices. And when they do notice, they're afraid. Two humans, taking out three alphas, apex predators? They're not even *hunters*. (Songs 1-4)

The pack is *horrified*. And they blame Lydia. After all, this isn't Stiles. Stiles would never do the things he did to those three alphas. Lydia is the only one he's been in contact with, she must have influenced him, for whatever reason. (Song 5)

Stiles doesn't take this well. At all. Lydia has been there for him when the others weren't, hasn't told him how horrible it is for him to want to just kill them all for what they did to him. So when they confront and threaten Lydia, Stiles goes nuts. (Song 6) If they're going to be so blind to the fact that Lydia is *helping him*, then clearly he shouldn't be as careful with them as he has been. They're enemies too. So after he gets her away, they kill one of the pack to send a message. (Songs 7-9)

Lydia...hadn't been in love with Stiles. She likes him, has for a while - the one person in her life who *saw her* and didn't want her to change, to be anything other than herself. This had been her returning the favor, lashing out at the world that hasn't done anything for her. But she loves him now. Stiles had killed, not for revenge, but for her. Someone they used to be friends with. She can't *help* but love him now.

Honestly, if anyone is influencing someone, it's him influencing her. He's like a force of nature - always has been, had just hid it better before. How can she not love him, when the only thing he cares about now in the world is her? (Songs 10-13)

And now they're all alone in a town full of people who want to kill them. Unsurprisingly, this isn't something that bothers them. Now, they don't have to subtle about it. And no one is prepared for what they can do. (Songs 14-15)

They win. (song 16)

(I'm pretty sure song 17 is self explanatory)

(Song 18 is supposed to be ambiguous, maybe they didn't defeat their enemies as thoroughly as they thought, maybe the hunters showed up to take them out. It can be taken as a death!song or them gearing up to start all over again, listeners preference.)

Tell me what you think :) The only other person I've written this out for is the person the mix was for (birthday gift) and he loved it and I hope you do too!

Oh my fucking god, I loved this OAO When they turned against their own friends, my mind slipped to a fanfix idea I have, about Stiles and Lydia both getting possessed by demons. This is sooooo cool, I love the story behind it. And I love that you make it that Stiles influences her and that he would go against anyone for her too <3 very sweet!!