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Eargasm. Nuff said. (read description)


i know songs from the same artists are grouped together (too lazy to mix them up) sit tight and listen through. it gets good (trust me)
mostly vocal / chill step. sit back and relax somewhere. it'll blow your mind :)
featuring artists like:
adventure club
seven lions
and many more :)
couldn't find some songs that i really wanted to put in though :(

31 tracks
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Holy **** this mix is my life. Every song I hear I'm just like , oh, that's an amazing song. Thank you for this life changing playlist

this mix is just the completion i needed! all this artits are my fav but so much good tracks i didn't knew in there

try my mixes, you should love it ;)

haha thanks :) i will
this mix is a really old one. i think i'm going to make a new mix soon of all the new dubstep i found. stay tuned \ (^-^) /

heey man, I love this mix. can you please send me download link so I finally got something to do during lessons

Love it !