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The Best EDM Songs You've Never Heard


All subgenres of EDM ranging from dubstep, chillstep, chill trap, heaven trap, progressive house, and even some tropical house! These are some of my favorite songs from the past year in one giant playlist! I'm sorry i havent been updating much recently, but this might be my masterpiece :) Put on some earphones and enjoy! Some are mellow, some have some pretty insane drops. keep an open mind, get ready for some chills

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46 tracks
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@sarthak-s-106199 Thank you! i'm subscribed to a bunch of music channels and i just add songs to a giant playlist whenever i find one that i really like :) you can find them here:

apparently 8tracks blocks URL's on comments. if you look at my profile there should be a link to my playlist there

Perfect playlist for the summer or for summer-dreaming the other days of the year! Amazing playlist and definitely a masterpiece. Mind has opened and is overflowing with ecstacy!

@ArikkaTompkins thanks for the support! A lot of my friends either arent into edm or just listen to radio music and dont really seem interested when i try to show them new songs that i like. So its really comforting to know that some people out there enjoy my taste in music! :)