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하늘에는 성근 별
알 수도 없는 모래성으로 발을 옮기고,
서리 까마귀 우지짖고 지나가는 초라한 지붕,
흐릿한 불빛에 돌아앉아 도란도란거리는 곳.
――그 곳이 차마 꿈엔들 잊힐 리야.

"This is the place
where the stars sparsely dot the sky
and shuffle their footsteps toward the unknown sand castle,
the frosty crows pass by the poor rooftop, howling,
and family sits around the faint light to talk together softly
How could you forget this place even in a dream?"

fragment from "Nostalgia" by Jung Ji-yong.

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