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hey, there was a song on here that you labelled as imagine dragons - top of the world. but that wasn't the song... and I've been searching for it ever since. what song was it do you know? it sounded like imagine dragons but I don't think it is as them, because as I said- I checked through as many songs of theirs as I could looking for it. please help me out here.

@Vehivle hi there! i've checked the song and it is on top of the world by imagine dragons, perhaps you were referring to another song? i'm so sorry if this didn't help

@euggy nah sadly it isnt any song by imagine dragons- i checked like their whole album lol But its ok! I appreciate you responding and still totally LOVE your mix anyways ;)

@Vehivle @euggy it is off their old album that was before their night visions album it is by Imagine Dragons I have it on my Ipod and have had it since it came out 2 years ago