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friend + friend ÷ love x secrets = platonic love

a/n This was inspired by my friend @astrobaka and maybe a tonne of OTPs that I ship.

p.s this is Part 1 of my series. Hope u enjoy!

  • Lucky Jason Mraz Ft Colbie Caillat Lyrics by Pooh Disney
    I'm so lucky to be in love with my best friend. So lucky to have you where I have been.
  • Count on Me by Bruno Mars
    You count on me, like 1 2 3, I'll be there
  • Trying To Explain (Official Ver.) by Lateeya
    We started out relationship as friends, but deep inside I always had a crush on you
  • Best Friend by Jason Chen
    This is something like a movie And I dont know how it ends girl But I fell in love with my Best Friend
  • AJ Rafael (Lyrics Video) [] by We Could Happen
  • Just Friends by Musiq Soulchild (Bluey Robinson & Jeremy Passion cover)
  • Franz Gregor Guzman by You've Got A Friend In Me (Jazz Piano Improvisation)
  • I'll Be There by Jackson 5
    Just call my name and I'll be there
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