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"It's complicated."


once upon a time a Turk fell hopelessly, obsessively, unrequitedly in love.

dedicated to numbers because we are stuck on this trash barge together and there is no escape.

art by tetra, holy wow, check out all their amazing work


10 tracks
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This is such a great mix! I love Damien Rice but I'd never heard "Cheers Darling" before and oh wow that was a dose of instant feels; it's the perfect mix of self-destructive and self-aware and I love it.

@molotovmocktail thank you!! and omg yes, i would put the whole damien rice album on here if i could. those FEELS. i just noticed there are two songs 8tracks removed if you want to listen: 'time is running out' by muse and 'i say fever' by ramona falls. i'm listening to your tserith playlist right now and i loveee ittt.

@eupheryce They're really fun to make mixes for. Like I had a couple songs floating on my phone for them but angst? Tragic love that just doesn't work like you want it too? People not saying what they want to say? PERFECT. Add it in! And yeah, I saw that too but I'd looked at the tracklist you made for tumblr so I knew to look 'em up. It's like one of my favorite Muse songs; no way I was passing that up.