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a mix for society parties and clenched jaws, for boys who love each other but not in the right way and not enough
(a married Francis/Richard AU)

8 tracks
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I'M SO MAD BC IT NAVIGATED AWAY FROM THIS PAGE BEFORE I COULD POST MY SECOND COMMENT Ok. like did the magnetic fields write that song about francis/richard? like obviously "i thought you were my boyfriend" was written about henry and richard but like WOW?? "honesty is not your strong suit" for richard and THAT BIT U QUOTED w francis' blue eyes and the DREAM? "Everything's a lie/ We're all gonna die/Before we say goodbye, let's attack"= actual beginning of marriage proposal. How is all of this so precise, you have a gift. I HAD NEVER HEARD BITTERSWEET BEFORE so i was like "ooh is this gonna be more romantic?" and then the holding yr hair in the bushes part came up and i was like "THAT'S IT THAT'S THE RELATIONSHIP." and the MUFFLED i can't live without you part. these nerds. This is So Much, most accurate fanmix ever. like, obviously the queen is great, do we even need to talk about it, like, obviously, what a well constructed mix (I CAN'T BELIEVE BREAKFAST AT TIFFANY'S WAS SELECTED BC IT ACTUALLY FIT WHAT U WERE LOOKING FOR IN THAT SLOT I'M SCREAMING)

I gotta go to bed so I'm stoppin for now at the beginning of i don't believe you but i just want to say are you a khaleesi? and if not, why are you eating my heart to thunderous applause bc it's great?