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We Are Infinite Vol.1


“So we beat on, boats against the current, borne back ceaselessly into the past.”

Our true potential is reached when we achieve a balance between serenity and rage.

-most of these tracks are available for free on soundcloud or facebook

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We Are Infinite Vol. 2


We Are Infinite Vol, 3


15 tracks
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Well mid terms are just coming to a close so soon! im currently working on production of the sequel. i have about 9 tracks nailed but none of them are finalized. i will post the link in the description though! could be out as early as next week. could be out as late as christmas. we will see. I want to try to out do myself so it has to be perfect.

Thanks man! I love chillstep as a genre. perfect mix of peace and rage. exactly what you need for working out! and i will update the playlist eventually. but as i said in previous comments im planning on making a trilogy. This is part one. i thought it may be better to spread the tracks out so if you dont like a few you can have more skips. also i really pursue perfection. there is no point in having shitty songs on the playlist just to fill space. i only want the best songs for the best playlist.

cheers bro, good luck on your muscle expanding dreams.