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For Annie


Music to keep you company on a long software update overnight shift. Why sleep when you can jam to these tunes? Mathematical analysis of your musical taste: Start with a catchy melody, nothing schmaltzy, extra points for avoiding top 40, typically male vocal, typically British, arrangement should be somewhat ambitious (but not to a U2 scale), must have a small degree of grittiness, just a touch of drug use but not too much, keep it less than 4 minutes long.

15 tracks
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Yeah, I think maybe that Vine's song may have been appropriate afterall. Turns out something went wrong (that was outside of my control) and they had to scrap the entire upgrade. Months and months of planning down the crapper. Which meant I was still up all night and on call all weekend, BUT they're going to have to pick another weekend in the near future to do it alllll over again. Crap. At least I didn't have to travel to Duluth this week. I will keep this playlist handy for whatever weekend I have to do this again on. :p

It sounds like from the name of that Vines song it would be have been the most appropriate emotional outlet for being at work at 3am on a Friday. Glad you enjoyed the mix even though some of the songs deviated from the mathematical formula

Awesome mix bro. Thank you!! I had this up in the background and unbeknownst to me, the playlist had ended and I was automatically jumped to some random's list. Whereupon "Fuck The World" by The Vines started playing. Dunno if you've ever heard it, but it's....angry. I was thinking, wow... Ev missed the mark on this one. Bahahaha. But nope, loved the whole thing. Thanks again, it was very thoughtful of you. It's 2am and the upgrade is going smoothly. I think I'll hit replay now :) Love, Ann