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I'd rather be playing with puppies


Twenty-five tracks to accompany Annie with yet another overnight upgrade. I really wanted to add the Vines "FTW", but there was simply no room. Warning: these songs might melt your face off. Hope this mix keeps the spirits high!

21 tracks
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I think this one's even better than the first. Am listening to it again right now. Did you know that 8tracks shuffles the playlist the second time you listen to it now? Didn't do that last weekend... Thanks again bro! I think my favorite was the shins one, but now I can't remember what it's called because I lost the list. Do you mind sending me an email with all these songs and artists? No worries if it's too much work, but I wanna remember some of these songs! 3:40am and this time the upgrade actually started. Crossing my fingers for the rest! (Wish I was playing with puppies right now though)